Thursday, December 9

Momma Do- Front Fix

So it's taking a bit to get used to this short (and now even more curly) hair. If I don't straighten it, it looks fuzzy and poofy, not so attractive. Anyway, I do usually end up straightening it every day, which is a pain in the pa-tootie (spelling?)

I just redid the blue in my hair last night with the help of my sister, so today I wanted to really show it off. This would work for any length of hair, it just happens that it works great for short hair.

Because of the thickness of my hair, I have to start by pulling a little "foundation" strand into a rubberband. I start bobby pinning in this section, so it will help my hair stay in better. If I don't, the pins just slip down throughout the day, which is another pain. You can see in these two pictures the size of the section, and the placement.

Now, I just start pulling small sections back, twisting a bit, and pinning in place. This is two sections, the first is covering the rubberbanded section, the second is overlapping the first.

Here you can see all 4. I end up usually overlapping the bobbypins a bunch, which helps them to stay in.

Nice blue hair. :) (Not sure why it looks like my hair is so much longer in that front section- it's really not- just an odd flip or something.)

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  1. Oh, this looks really nice! Thanks for sharing all these wonderfull hairdos :)


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