Thursday, December 9

4-Strand Braiding...

I saw the Princess' Facebook post the other day about 4-strand braids. (Her post is here) Of course I gave it a go, and yesterday did two small braids back into a ponytail- turned out cute, but I didn't catch a picture of it. Anyway, I wanted to try it again today, so I did two simple indian braids in the 4-strand woven style.

The link above has a great video, but the basic idea is start with 4 strands, then always start with the left side and go under, over, under the other 3 strands. Repeat this step many times. Yesterday Emma asked "Why do you keep saying that??" I was mumbling "under, over, under" while doing the braids, just to make sure I didn't get mixed up. :)

Today's do wasn't super impressive though. My braids got messy. I wonder if people even notice they are different than regular braids. Anyway, another fun braid to add to the mix. :)

1 comment:

  1. Those braids look great! I'm laughing because I do the exact same thing (repeating the steps over and over) lol. Thank you for the link btw. :)


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