Friday, November 5

A great Tutorial!

I think I'm going to start highlighting some great how-to tutorials for hair accessories. So, if you have published one, or just found a great one, let me know and I'll add it to my list!

I'm positive that most of you have seen these great little flowers around the internet. Most of the time, I see them like this, which are oh so cute:

But take a look at these, where she made them with individual petals instead of circles- they are so amazingly pretty! I love them! Here's the link to the tutorial...Lola Headband

So after seeing this tutorial, off I went to the fabric store. Luckily they had a big sale on their halloween fabrics, which the satin poly was a part of. I got lots of colors for only a few dollars. (I only bought a 1/4 yard of each, since I am not making a ton of them...) Anyway, Here's a version of one that I did in black. Not nearly as cute as the originals...but Emma loved the beads in the center. (I also attached the alligator clip- my girls will not keep headbands in at all.)

 I also tried this one in blue, but I didn't use as many petals, AND I didn't scrunch them up at all, so this is a good example of what not to do...not nearly as cute. :)

(And doesn't everyone craft while making dinner??) 

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  1. I love making those kinds, the individual petal ones are great. and it all depends on how you hold the material on how it scrunches really.


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