Friday, November 5

Another Hair Bow...

Today I was trying to do something quick with Emma's hair. It's definitely a quick hair day...

Anyway, after putting her hair into a half, I thought I'd braid it and twist it into a little bun. That didn't lay right at all, so I tried two braids, which also wasn't doing what I wanted it to. So, I improvised and looped the braids and then wrapped the ends around the center and tied with a rubber band. (Similar to this)

Turned out really cute I thought. I might try it again with a ribbon braided into the hair to add a little detail to the "bow."

Have a good weekend!

 In case anyone is wondering, those are our "door jobs" They are the daily jobs that the kids have to do. The rooms are just a basic straighten up, nothing too detailed...Then on Saturday mornings we get all the cards together and play "the cleaning game." Rules are simple (even Maia helps quite a bit) We pick a card, and then all go to that room and do the detailed cleaning. Emma and Michael love to do the dusting and windows/mirrors. When they are all done, I either pick one kid that did the best, or they all get to use their can of air freshener in the room. Takes about an hour for the entire house, and makes my load MUCH easier.  (And the entire house smells like vanilla for a few hours!)  :)

1 comment:

  1. CUTE!
    and I was JUST going to ask what those words were on your door. I LOVE the idea.. I may steal it.


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