Tuesday, October 5

Update...and some twisty buns...

So many of you gave me your opinion about the paint color for my dining room.  In true Rachel form, I obsessed about the color for a long time, then went to the store to buy the 3 gallons I needed, and bought a completely new (untested) color! I went with one by Martha Stewart called Slipstream. It was still in the gray family, but had a lot more blue in it than any of the other choices that I had picked up. Here's the before and after of the painting. Thanks so much to all of you who gave me your opinion on the color- I was heading over to get the Porpoise, which I think was the majority winner. :)

 Now back to the hair. This is one that I did for Emma really fast last week. Just simple braided twists (similar to a french braid, but you're just twisting the two sections instead of braiding three.) back into low twisted buns. I've heard these called worm twists- where you take smaller sections and twist them up until they twist up on themselves...Whatever they're called, they're cute, and perfect for wet hair days. :)

(There's actually twist braids on both sides of her head, I just didn't get a picture of the other side.)


  1. i love the twisty braids. the the room looks great. it must have taken forever!

  2. Wow, you totally changed the feel of the room with just a couple gallons of paint. It must feel like a new house :)

  3. Love the color you decided on. Gorgeous!


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