Thursday, October 7

Picture Day! (Curlformers)

So as with most of us hair-doers, I think for picture day we usually tend to leave hair down, or a little less "creative" than usual. This was the case for us. I was going to do a little braided headband like this one, but then I just decided that I would curl her hair and leave it down. I always remember having really curly hair for picture day when I was little, and I loved it- it felt so fancy!

Anyway, we put in the Curlformers last night, using a bit of setting lotion, and she ended up with perfectly curled hair this morning.  One trick that I have learned along the way is to alternate the colors of curler. They curl the hair in different directions, so if you alternate, they will stay separated a little better during the day. (I did it once where I had one big clump of orange curlers, and after a little play time, that section was one huge curl...not so cute.)

Also, I go through and separate the curls a bit using some hairspray so it doesn't look like 12 big ringlets. Hopefully her pictures are early in the morning and not after lunch recess or something so the curls are nice and non-frizzy. :)

I made this cute little headband using some jewels, hot glue, and a bra-strap attachment from the fabric store. Super easy, and really cute for simple hairdos.

Aren't those curls dreamy?? I love them, although I've never put my hair in them yet...someday I'll have a fancy event. :)

Also, I just had to share that after about a year, I FINALLY found the perfect case for the curlers! I had to buy a new set of clippers for the boys' hair, and it came with this little carrying case that was a little too floppy for the clippers, and last night I realized that it was the exact size to hold the curlers. So if you have curlformers, and need some clippers, this might be an incentive to buy this set. :)

And here's the type of setting lotion I use. It really helps to keep the curls in longer, without making them really stiff like hairspray would. (Super cheap too- I think it's only about $4 for this big bottle.) I just use a little spray bottle and spray her hair before adding the curlers.


  1. Cute! Curlformers seem really neat - I may have to try them someday :)

  2. I'm so glad you posted the clipper case for the curlformers! We have one sitting on our shelf and I'm going to use it for the same thing. Great idea!

  3. Too cute. Our picture day is the end of october, I'll have to go out and get some setting lotion.

  4. i have mine in a ruber maid draw under the sink! but love the case!
    Where do you get your lotion?

  5. Okay rach....i went to sally's today and got the curlformers and the setting lotion!! I'm attempting atleast one of your do's...I am trying the curlformers cause i got these foam things at target and it just dosen't look as were trying it!!


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