Wednesday, August 4

Soft and Romantic Momma Do...

So there's nothing soft or romantic about my day AT ALL. Ruby's screaming, the laundry's waiting in the washer, there's dishes to be done, and all of the other hundreds of tiny things that we all deal with every day.

BUT, I thought it would be a good day for a nice easy hairdo. I've realized that a lot of my hairstyles are very similar, with only little changes. This one is different from the others because of how loose it is- I usually am big on nice tight hairdos that hurt by the end of the day, but this one is nice and soft, without much structure at all.

So, on with the hairdo! (Just a little disclaimer, this is me about 10 minutes after I woke up...not the best time for photos.)

I started out by braiding my hair before bed. I usually do french braids to get the right texture, and for me, I don't like the tight kinky texture, so I usually only do three big braids on my head.

Next pull the back section of your hair into a low ponytail

Then, starting on one side, start doing a twist back with the hair, pulling up small strands as you go. Now this is where I have to remind myself to keep it loose. I tend to pull it tight, but keep it loose. Pull it back into the ponytail with a rubberband.

Repeat with the other side.

Now make a nice messy bun with all of the hair. I usually take smaller strands, twist them around the hair and bobby pin. That might not work for you, so do whatever messy bun you like.

Now the front hair turned out WAY too poofy for me, so I took small bits and pinned them back. I tried to keep it loose, but not crazy big.

There ya go. A super simple and sweet hairstyle. This would be great for a casual wedding or just a night in watching movies....or spending your day doing laundry. :)

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  1. I am just so incredibly jealous. That looks amazing, and I'm pretty sure I lack any sort of dexterity to do such loveliness.

  2. I love it! Too bad I hate my hair pulled up!

  3. Gorgeous! I may give this one a shot :) (Minus the night-before braid... I haven't managed to figure out braiding my own hair :( )


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