Tuesday, August 3


~This giveaway is closed~

I wanted to say "I'm Sorry!" for my long time away from the blog. Nothing special happened, just the usual summer business. I've also been working a ton on trying to get some products painted for my website. I'm offering a few different giveaways on a few different blogs within the next few weeks, so I wanted it to be in tip-top shape for those. See, nothing important. :)

Anyway, right in time for back to school, I thought I would offer a fun little creation I made yesterday- a new style of hairbow holder! It's 5x7, and can be painted in any style or design! So here's the rules for the giveaway:

1. Post a comment
2. Post about my giveaway on Facebook
3. Post about the giveaway on your Blog
4. Post a comment about the hairstyle you're planning for the first day of school (I know I'm already thinking about it!) :)
5. Post a comment with a celebrity hairstyle idea. (That's going to be a fun continuation of the series I started a while ago.)

*Leave a SEPARATE comment for each one so you have a total of 5 comments if you do all 5 things.

The giveaway will start now, and will end in a week- next Tuesday at 9AM PST.


  1. That is such a cute bow holder! Your painting skills are waaaaaay better than mine!

  2. For the first day of school, I want to do some fun hair with lots of braids in it. Maybe some small criss-crossing braids into piggies or something. Not sure, just something fun and interesting because school uniforms are SO boring!

  3. Q's not in school yet so I don't have that to plan for... but I guess halloween hair is coming up! Gotta plan in advance for that one!

  4. Love Love Love your paining you really are talented!
    Glad to hear you had a fun summer and sometimes time away is important!

  5. My dd is in to punk hair styles. I know sounds crazy. So we compromise for meet the teacher I get to pick her clothes and hair for the 1st day of school she gets to pick.
    for meet the teach I want her hair down and long because that the only practical time for her to were her hair like that to school and it wont be a tangley mess when she gets home.
    for the 1st day of school I think she will want something more advantgaurd so probably some fake hair and 2 big buns. Not too crazy but fun and funky.

  6. Ok my dds fav singer is pink

    so we like this

    Saw a bun Idea at babes in hairland that is simmilar to the front of the pic.

    These are also nice





  7. So cute Rachel! I wish my oldest would still let me do what I want for her hair but - she wont! she just wants it down & strait! but, at least I still have 2 little ones that will! Ashlyn wants her hair curly but I think we will do some sort of braid or twist across the top to keep it out of her face!
    *As for movie star hair - I don't know - my girls aren't really into too many movie stars except Disney ones! Brittan has only asked for haircuts like movie stars! She loves Selena Gomez's hair!!

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  9. wow! I would love one of these!

  10. Okay Rachel - it is now on my blog & facebook! You can check FB but, my blog is private - if you want an invite just send me your e-mail & I'll send one over!! my e-mail is lvbleaks@hotmail.com!!

  11. That is *adorable*!!! Absolutely love it.

  12. Posted about it on FaceBook as well :)

  13. I think everyone is getting some form of hair headbands, either braided or twisted, to keep their hair out of their faces... then the younger 2 will probably have pigtails and the oldest a bun or two :)

  14. adorable.. i do have a bow holder i made out of a picture frame w black and white photos of hairstyles i have done on my bfs daughter but it definately is runnin out of room so i could use this!!! :)

  15. it depends on how warm it is still when she starts (aug 31) because i love to keep her hair somewhat down to show off the length but i could not do that to her if its 80 degress! ill probably do pig tails parted to the right. the side with more hair id probably braid a section in the front to add a little more to the pig tails, which some bows at the elastics. or maybe nix the braid and add a cuteee adjustable headband w a flower on it and no bows at the elastic but wrap some hair around the elastic so it isnt visable. lol just a few thoughts haha

  16. a celebrity hair style that i do love is the lady gaga bow made of hair. ofcourse i dont quite care for the was she wears it haha but a smaller version on a half up half down do is adorable

  17. Yea, a bow holder for Claire!!

  18. I posted this on my blog (it's private, if you want an invite, send me your e-mail)

  19. Back to school hair:
    Joshie-shave it
    Aloria-(ok, she isn't in school but she is coming with to drop off j) I'm going to try some fancy pigtails.

  20. Celebrity hair-anything Gwyneth. I love her. Although, she usually does straight. Maybe that doesn't work. That gaga bow sounds interesting. Halloween is coming up.

  21. I figured I better go on again so you have all 5 entries! *As for movie star hair - I don't know - my girls aren't really into too many movie stars except Disney ones! Brittan has only asked for haircuts like movie stars! She loves Selena Gomez's hair!!

  22. I'll use the other one above for Fb and this comment for my blog!! Yes, it is on my blog and even has a link to your blog!!!

  23. Ok- now I think I have all 5!!! YaY!! we would love a bow holder - with 3 girls we are a little over-run with bows!

  24. first day of school hair..

    David simple brushed over to the side.
    the girls just something simple for the walk to the bus stop since neither will be going to school

  25. and for starts celeb hair style I like is Debby Ryan from Suite Life on Deck
    looks simple though but pretty.
    and same with this looks like 2 braids but diff part.

    there are more i'll find them later.


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