Friday, June 25


We've got a good range of people in our house- me with long thick hair, the two boys with no hair, Emma with the somewhat-grown-up hair, Maia with toddler hair, and Ruby with her baby hair. Em and I use the same thing- Dove shampoo and conditioner. I've loved their shampoos for a long time, and I love their advertising campaigns just as much, so it makes it easier for me to love them. (Too bad they don't pay me to say that...)

I still use baby shampoo on Ruby, and a few shopping trips back I bought this BabyMagic one on accident and I love it. I don't know if it just the brand (I usually go with Johnsons) or that it says it has new detanglers in it, but it really does work well to untangle her little fine baby hair.

Maia is too little to use "real" shampoo yet. She is a screamer if she gets the tiniest bit in her eyes. She's loud. So I use Suave Smoothers on her. They come in a pack of 4 at Sam's Club, so we get a variety of the smells, but her favorite bottle is the monkey, so I usually will refill this one for her. Soon she'll realize that her coconut shampoo smells like strawberries. :)

One other product that I thought I would share is a great foam (like mousse) leave-in conditioner. I use it myself as well as on Emma and the other two occasionally on really tangly days. It's great. And cheap. They used something similar when I got my hair cut, and this is what I could find. I bought it at Sally's. It really does work really well- even on my thick wavy hair.

So there ya go! Have a good weekend everyone! I will do some actual hair posts this next week!


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  2. Thanks for the info. Im just wondering, does the foam leave-in weigh your hair down at all when its dry, or is it quite light?

  3. You know we always used just a bar of dove soap on our babies for washing them top to bottom. I LOVE Dove! How much is the 4 pack of smoothers at Sams? Just wondering if its really any cheaper than buying just 1 somewhere else. I think I want to try that foam leave in, I'm still on the hunt for the best product for Kyleigh's hair.


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