Saturday, May 15

Inspiration: Scarlett Johansson

I've had this one on my list of dos for a while, just didn't have the "fancy, yet casual" occasion to wear it. Tonight the husband is taking me to see The Lion King for my Mother's Day gift. Yipee!

Anyway, to the hair! This is what I was going for- you can't really see the back, so I'm just making up the rest of it:

To me it looks like some very simple loose braids. So, that's what I did! First, start off with 5 braids- one in the very top center, and two on either side. Do the top braid pretty loose, and I did the front side braids a little tighter than the back ones:

Poof the front braid so you get that little bump, and pin it:

Now, with the rest of your hair, make two small pigtails pretty low on your head: 

Now comes the fun of pinning the braids- take the front braid to one of the sides, and criss-cross the front side braids in the back (Hopefully the picture helps that make sense:)

Take the other two braids and pin them to the pigtail on the same side:

Now, I removed the few rubberbands that were holding the braids before I started twisting and pinning. I just made really messy twists, and pinned each one around so it made a nice bun-like thing in the back: (This still works for thin hair, you just have to use a little less hair for each twist, and hide the pins a little better) 

Repeat with the other pigtail, making sure to pin some of the hair close to the other bun so it makes one big bun instead of two separate looks pretty fancy, but it really is just twists that are pinned randomly. You might need to play with the shape a bit.

Ruby checking out the red lips: (You know that you don't wear makeup that often when your kids wonder what it is on your face.) :) 

Front view of the hair:


  1. So pretty! I hope you had a great night out.

  2. Love it! Thanks for showing a step by step thing!

  3. I love this. Would it be alright if I print these pictures and take them to the hairdresser with me? I'm a bridesmaid this summer and I think this would be an awesome do. Up off my neck for an August wedding but still pretty but kinda beachy at the same time. Perfect!


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