Wednesday, May 19

A few Fancy dos...

I got a call yesterday afternoon to ask if I would fix hair for a few girls in our church. They were making "prom time capsules" where they were going to try on dresses and take pictures for when the actually do go to prom in a few years. I thought it was a fun idea, and of course I jumped at the chance to do fancy dos. :)

So, here they are. No step by step photos, but maybe it will give you an idea for a starting point.

This one just wanted something up with pincurls. In my head, pincurls are nice and flat to the head, so I mixed them with just a few regular pinned curls. :)

M. just wanted something up and curly- nothing too specific, so I did twists going back into nice poofy buns.

E. was cute- she said she never really curls her hair because it takes so long (She's got a ton of thick hair- so pretty!) So I thought it would be nice for her to have it mostly down and curly. 


  1. very nice!
    I love facy do's!
    We do them for all occasions!

    All the girls look so beautiful!
    I have heard this idea done for weddings!


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