Friday, January 8


This was Emma's hairdo for today, which is recycled from this do. We were running pretty late thanks to a sleepy mom. (I usually don't sleep in much after the kids are up, but Ruby decided that 4:30 was a good time to have a 45 minute play session, so I was really tired.) Anyway, I just pulled Emma's hair up into a pony tail, and took the end of the braided section out so it would add to the fun of the hair. Pretty easy.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I wish I could do day-after-dos. My head of hair ( LOL) will NOT curl. I don't know why her hair will not curl, it just won't! Since, you love getting questions, I would like to ask you one. Will you do a video tutorial on how to do a french knot? Thanks!

  2. It's so funny you have the same flower as me! I found that fabric and made the same kind of flower! Cute :)


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