Thursday, January 7

Hair Cuts!

The other day I gave the kids some haircuts. I'm not a hairdresser, but I do like to cut my kids' hair. My mom always cut ours, and we always looked good. :) Plus, right now in this economy, doing your own haircuts really saves quite a bit. I know it's only about $10-15 at some places, but for our family, that would equal at least $50 every time we all needed cuts. And with the boys (plural meaning my husband and Michael) needing them every few weeks, I think the savings are worth it.

First up was Maia- simple trim to even out the back of her hair and some bangs! Her hair naturally falls forward on her head, so bangs make sense on her. Plus, it makes it look like she's got at least a bit of style when her hair's all crazy. :)

Next was Michael- I cut his every 4-6 weeks or so. His hair grows fast, and it just gets fuzzy around his ears, which really bothers me. I start out with a #1 guard and shave around the bottom of his hair, lifting a touch where I want the hair to start getting longer. Then I take my scissors (or a longer guard, depending on the length) and just trim vertically to fade in that section. And just before anyone comments, no, I didn't mess up on the back of Michael's hair...he got a bad cut there when he was 2 that required staples, and ever since, his hair has not grown back. :)

Emma was third- and she really wanted short hair- she always has, but I know that her hair would be all over the place if it was short- like a little rat's nest. But, her hair did need a good few-inch trim for sure, so it was short enough for her. :) I was thinking of bangs for her, but see how her hair naturally goes to the sides? That is why I won't ever cut bangs on Emma- they would just end up on the sides of her head anyway without a good blowdry.

And last was my little Ruby getting her first haircut at 6 months. She has rubbed off the back of her hair, but still had really long stringy pieces right behind her ears. So, I cut them off. Now her hair is nice and even and will hopefully grow back soon. :)

Just for fun, this is a little teaser of my post tomorrow- you can't tell but that's clipped into my hair! It's a custom painted hair clip! How cool is that? She happened to have my favorite art piece, and here it is- in glaze, on ceramic. The ONLY one in the world! So fun. :) I'll show you more tomorrow. I have to get some photos together first. (And, yes, the artist has asked me to sell them for her! So, if you're interested, let me know.)


  1. It's great that you have the talent to cut your family's hair!! Me i can't even cut paper straight. Every one here won't let me get close with scissors with their hair!LOL

  2. Do you cut their hair dry? Tell Emma I said her new cut's cute!


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