Monday, December 7

Topsy Tail Tutorial

The key to getting a good pull through is to start with a smooth ponytail, and make sure that your initial rubberband is not too tight- this will make the hair not pull through as well. (Watch after I do the actual pulling through, I tighten the rubberband.) Let me know if you have any other video ideas!

*I like music with videos, and in my house silence does not come frequently. So, if you need words to explain what I'm doing, please let me know and I'll change it for the next movie.

I've already got a couple of emails asking where I bought my topsytail. I bought mine for just a couple dollars on ebay, and it came with 2 or 3 different sizes. (The big one is all I can find now though!) :) I know I've seen them at Claire's here in Las Vegas as well.


  1. A topsy tail is something I have never invested in because I have never found a hairstyle where I can't just do it myself. Cute hair do!!

  2. Thanks again! Loved the video! Loved the music,too! Thanks so much! This video has helped me a lot!

  3. No problem at all! I'm glad I could do it. The music is by Zee Avi- I just found her a few weeks ago, and all of the CD is great. I love stuff that I can listen to all day long and not get sick of it.

    Now I just need some more ideas! :)

  4. I was looking back through your blog and saw the post where you stated that you had to pay Emma quarters to fix her hair! I'm sorry you had to pay for doing this video! I don't live in Los Vegas, but if I did I'd let you fix my hair. I love people fixing my long as it's not pigtails...:-).Now, I'm going to go scout out Zee Avi!

  5. P.S. If you want more video ideas.... I really bad want to know how to do a french knot! I LOVE fixing hair!


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