Sunday, November 8


So I love Curlformers. I think most anyone who loves doing hair and who has tried them, loves them. The reason I love them is that they make the most perfect little spiral curls, and they stay in FOREVER. Seriously, they look great all day long, even after hours of playing and running around. So there's my plug for Curlformers. If you don't have them already, I'd highly suggest making the investment. (I got mine at Sally's- I think they were about $7 per package of 6, and we use 2 packages.)

So, here's the do...I usually like to leave it mostly down when I use these, so I just took the front sections and did small braids, tied them together in the back, and then pulled curled sections on top of the braid. I did add this cute flower, but then changed it to a bow when Em had decided what dress to wear. Super cute.

Maia's hair is very simple, just a different take on the simple front-section-pulled-to-the-side hair.

Also, I was going to do a Momma do today, but I ended up just straightening my hair (which takes FOREVER so I usually never do it.) Not so fun for a hair blog. :)

Here are a couple of others that I did using Curlformers- Also, if you do some cute stuff with them, check out Babes in Hairland- she's doing a hairshare using Curlformer dos. :)


  1. soooo cute! I also love my curlformers

  2. I am a little reluctant to buy the curlformers, since angel's hair is sooo thick and long, I think I'd have to buy the extra long ones, and probably 5-6 packs to get all her hair done.

  3. Dreamweaver, I've got really thick and somewhat curly hair, and I can get half of my hair into the curlers that we have (2 packs) So I would guess that if she did have quite thick hair, you'd need more. The trick to them is that they need to really dry well, so you can't put too much hair into them. I love your braids! I'm super jealous of anyone who can braid well. I just learned how to cornrow, so I'm trying that a bit, but unfortunately, my little girl isn't as cooperative as I'd like her to be. :) Thanks for the comment!

  4. I love all of your daughters hair! They are so beautiful and you are so talented. I'm jealous. My daughter is three and also a little red head! I'm always trying to do new hair styles on her, but her hair is still very fine and short. How did you get your daughters hair to be so curly?
    Thanks for the inspiration!


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