Wednesday, November 4

Ballerina Bun...

Long before I ever thought of doing a hair blog, I occasionally did cute hair for Emma. Most of the time it was for some event, but every once in a while she'd get cute hair for ballet class. This one was from a good 3 years ago, and I was so impressed that I took a picture. (And now I look at it and think it was so simple!) :)

Anyway, it's a basic bun, with a braided front section. I put the ribbon around the bun (with a bobby pin) and then wrapped the braid around the entire bun. Pretty easy and really cute.


  1. This is cute, I was going to do this over the weekend on my daughters hair. Though last time I tried it didn't come out the way I had planned. We shall see.

  2. I just found your blog and love it! My dd also does Ballet 3 times a week and we are getting very sick of the classic bun. As her hair has to be in a bun, I would love any other fun bun variations you have. Thanks!


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