Tuesday, November 3

A couple pull-through ideas...

I did the girls hair pretty quick today, but on both I used pull-throughs. I haven't used them much on Maia's hair yet, but they turned out really cute.

Emma's had the three on top, going into cute little messy buns...

For Maia, I did a ziz-zag part, put each side into three sections, then did the pullthroughs on the front and back section, and put them all together to make a little pigtail in the middle section.

**I had a couple of emails asking where I bought my topsy-tail from. I got mine off of ebay- it was actually shipped from China or Taiwan in just a plain envelope, and it was under $5 shipped. I've also seen them at Claire's. Here they're on the very bottom rack on the wall of the hair section.


  1. very cute!! Will try 2morrow

  2. I might have to try the first one on my daughter! I love it!

  3. I love doing the pull through ones!


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