Monday, October 26

Monday Momma Do...

Our Monday is turing out to be quite dull. Emma and Maia were both up around 3 with fevers again, so we are battling that still, but that means no school, which means a much slower morning. SO, I had time to take pictures of my hair. Not great pictures because I took them myself, and my camera is getting old so the focus is all boogered up.

Anyway, back to the hair- This has been a standby style for me since college. I have even done this on the way to school on my 20 minute drive from a super tiny town to a kind of tiny town for student teaching. (Only at stops of course- I don't support hair fixing while driving.) :) It looks like it took a really long time, when it actually is very fast, especially since you can fix it while it's still wet. It's great for any length of hair as well- I've had super long hair, and super short, and both work.

First, start off with two somewhat low ponytails. (I've done this higher on my head as well to make a more formal updo, and it turns out just as cute, so lots of variations on this one.) I add mousse or gel to the hair at this point, just to make sure the ends don't get too fuzzy during the day.

Next, start by taking two small sections from each piggy, and twist them together. Once they start looping around eachother, just pin them to your head. Do the same thing again, and make sure you pin these sections between the two piggies. (It just helps to make it look like one big hair instead of two buns)

This part is what takes some getting used to, but you just take small sections of the piggies and twist and pin them. You may need to redo the placement on a few if you can't make them even right away, but you'll get the hang of it.

Once it's all done, you have your do. Super simple, really easy to "customize" (do a zigzag part for little kids, start the piggies higher on your head, curl it first for more of a formal look, etc.) It's great for long hair, and even for short, and I have done this many times on friends that have thinner hair than I do, and it still looks great. You may need to get used to the amount of bobbypins though. I think I use about 25-30, (2 per twist, some at the end to catch the lose sections)

Have a happy Monday!!!

**I'm noticing that some of you are entering The Giveaway, but are not doing the correct amount of posts. Make sure that if you do all of the things listed, you have 5 separate comments! Tell your friends! :)


  1. I do need a model for Cinderella. :) Emma's protesting.

  2. That's crazy! How did you even come up with it? I love it.

  3. ok so i sort of tried this but i dont know if my hair is long enough or i'm just not getting it.


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