Thursday, March 15

Repeat! St. Patrick's Day Do...

We will be doing this style for Em tomorrow for school since St. Pat's is on Saturday. Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Here's the "how to" That I made two years ago...


  1. So I came here this morning to do this for Alorias hair. Doing people hair is not my lot in life. She looked awfull and ended up with alien hair and i am sad i didn't take a picture. I am trying again tomorrow. I'll get it eventually

  2. Hello! I am a teenage girl follower. I wondered if you would do some hair do's for me. I like to curl or flat iron my hair and wear it in down do's. I am getting stuck with clipping it back on the side. I asked some other bloggers and they ignored me. I would like them to be okay for school, too.
    Thanks so much!!!

  3. this is pretty...i did it already to my daughter but what a fool am i! i forgot to take a pic!! :( anyways thanks for the video tutorial!


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