Friday, September 2

Sock buns!

I just recently did a little YouTube research on sock buns- I'd never used them, and thought it was more of a pain since I could just pin the hair and have a little bun. I was wrong! So easy, and the way these are wrapped, with the hair wrapped up inside, there's no extra hair to wrap around the base of the hair. I did use two pins just to make sure they didnt unroll during school.

I used an old toddler size sock for these two buns, and I currently have a big sock bun in my hair too that I used a regular size sock for. So easy!

1 comment:

  1. I do sock buns ontop of my hair at night with damp hair. I have hair almost to my waist. I also do these on my daughter at night as well, so the hair comes out with a wave to it. :O)


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