Friday, July 8

Topsy-Tail Piggies and CinderBooty...

I know this cannot be an original, but I had a dream about this hairdo last night. (Crazy that I think about hair that much, huh?) Pretty simple instruction wise - you just need a few rubberbands and a topsy-tail.

1. Separate the hair into two sections. We did a zig-zag just for a more fun look.
2. Starting with one side, band a small section and do a pull-through with the point of the topsy-tail pointing to the back.
3. Pull this section and the next piece of hair into a band, and repeat the pull-through.
4. Repeat as many times as you can.
5. On the last pull-through, I did it opposite- with the point of the topsy-tail pointing forward...this just gives the ponytail a little more bounce and volume.
6. You could just leave this down, but we curled it. You could also add some messy buns which would turn out really cute.

Just for fun, this is the style that Maia calls CinderBooty. Not sure where she came up with that name (my guess is a mix of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty) but she requests it often. Just simple ringlets with her bangs pinned back. :)

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