Friday, April 1

Momma Do Somewhat Inspired by Adele

I love Adele. If you haven't heard her, you're really missing out on some great music. I caught her "Rolling in the Deep" video on VH1 the other morning, and had to look it up again to see her hair. I loved it- so classic and simple. It looks almost like a beehive, but it somehow meets in the middle. I know she has much longer hair than me, so there's no way I could get that volume without looking a bit "Bride of Frankenstein," but I still wanted to try it out, so this is my take on it. More texture, and less "bubble," but kind of has the same feel...

So, I started with wet hair, and slicked it back nice and tight and added my headband. This is just one of those "athletic" ones with the little strip of rubber on the back. I then pulled up some of the length in the back into a small pony/bun. The rest of the hair was scrunched with gel and lots of hairspray, ratted a bit, and then pinned back in sections, just placed where it made the right shape. (I should have done a video, but I didn't know how it was going to turn out...) 

And keep in mind, my hair is shoulder length now...this would be a great one for those of us with shorter hair if we want to make it look fuller for a date night or something fun. 

See in this picture, there's a little pony/bun (A ponytail not pulled through all the way)

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  1. Thats cool! I never seem to take enough time with my hair anymore, it's always Chelina's lol. I used to have a different style just about every day. Being a single mom kinda changes that lol.



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