Monday, February 14

A Fancy Momma Updo...

My brother and sister-in-law visited this week. I love my family, so it's always a really fun weekend. Anyway, they were going out for V-day when they were here, and I got to fix my SIL's hair. She had a lot of long hair, but I'm sure this could be adapted by not having such a huge curl of hair in the back.

I didn't take during pictures, so here are the instructions for those who might be interested.

1. Curl the hair. I usually use a straight iron so the curls stay in longer)
2. Tease the front of the hair. I also used some spray wax to give it a bit of texture.
3. Pull back the front sections with bobby pins. There's no exact way to do this, just so it has enough of a bump for you.
4. Take the remaining hair and pull it into a low ponytail. Make sure to leave out any of the longer strands from the front parts that were pulled back. This will help make it look like one bunch of hair instead of a ponytail.
5. Start pinning the hair around in random spots. I also did a tiny bit of teasing and waxing on this part, just to make it stick a little better.
6. Near the end, I decided that it needed a little more "casual" detail, so I added the braids. Syd's hair was long enough to do the braid from the bottom of her head and have it wrap all the way to the top, but you'd just have to adjust where the braid started to get the right length.
7. Finish pinning and spray in place!


  1. Thats pretty, just sucks when your trying to do it on your own head lol, I wish I had my own personal stylist to do my hair every day lol.


  2. Brianna, I totally agree!! Doing my oen hair is soooo much harder than doing my kiddo's! :D

    Looks great, Rachel! I guess I'll have to stop complaining at give it a try :)


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