Sunday, January 9

Long Time, No Blog!

It's been a while! Between getting the kids back in school, and starting two courses myself, it's been a hectic week! (Which usually means lots of ponytails or basic braids!)

Our church moved times to 11 now, so we've got some good hair fixing time in the mornings that we didn't have last year. Here are a couple that are a little more fancy that I did of the girls this morning. (I'll do two different posts so they aren't too huge...)

I usually start these with a little circle of hair pulled into a ponytail. It's a great anchor for updos. You can add braids, twists, pretty much anything.

 Once you have that, just start sectioning and twisting the hair back. For the little girls I just use an additional rubberband for each twist. I will use bobby pins, but they don't look as nice for the little girls, and they don't hold their hair as well during crazy-acrobatics-before-church-time. (Never fails when I do a fancier do, they feel the need to wrestle or do a summersault.) :)

See how there's a good 5-6 rubberbands here? I sometimes try to take out the lower layer bands, but it hurts a bit, so I left it alone. :)
 Now with the ponytail, you can either curl it and leave it down, or you can pin it up. I like to pin it, so the twists are really visible. Not so fun to do all that work and not have it show...

When I pin it up, I will either do a fancier ballerina bun style, or I will just do a little messier- I will take a small section, twist it a few times, then grab it in the center, and twist it back on itself a bit. It makes sort of a figure-8 like this, then I just pin it in the intersection of the hair...

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  1. So pretty! I love the little bits of her dress I can see in the pics too, gorgeous!


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