Wednesday, January 19

Hello Kitty!

I just had to share this super cute curling iron that I got a little bit ago- The Mario Andriani Hello Kitty ceramic curling iron! The girls have loved it, and even Maia (who has developed a deathly fear of curling irons) will let me curl her hair with "the pink kitty one!"

I love that it has a temperature setting, so I've been letting Emma learn how to curl her own hair on a lower setting so she doesn't burn her little fingers. Plus, the little girls' hair curls on such a low heat compared to mine, so it's nice to have the adjustment.

I found that it curled really well, especially on Emma and Maia's hair, but even on my thicker hair. I was able to find it at, but if you love Hello Kitty products like my girls do, check out super cute stuff! They even have a matching flat iron and blow dryer!

*This is a sponsored post. 

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh! I love Hello Kitty. That is the cutest curling iron I have ever seen! Thanks for sharing.


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