Tuesday, January 18

Deja Vu?

I was attempting a different hairstyle (I'll retry it later so I don't want to give it away,) but failed at the one I was trying to duplicate, but came up with this one instead.  I'm a little worried that I may have seen one like this before, but I have gone through a couple blogs, and can't find anything, so hopefully I'm not stealing anyones idea! (If you know of one like this, will you leave a comment with the link?)

The video shows the steps, but I did go back at the end and cut out the first rubberband so the hair was a little more loose, and the hair was actually holding the ponytail.


  1. I really like this hairdo. And the music was peppy too.

  2. Really cute and super quick! Great for school mornings! Thanks! The music was catchy!

  3. So Cute!!!! I had to laugh because when my kids heard the music start playing they all thought I was watching "Nacho Libre" !!! LoL!!!


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