Friday, October 15

Maia the Explorer...making a simple wig

I started this a couple weeks ago, but thought I'd post it. For Halloween Maia is going to be Dora, and Ruby will be Boots. (Around here, the obligation of a little baby at Halloween is to be a sidekick for one of the older kids.) Anyway, I considered dying Maia's hair temporarily brown for the evening, but after talking to a few "real" cosmetologists about it, they recommended not doing it- that even a temporary color would mess with her real hair color long term.

So this was my solution! I purchased a Do-Rag at Sally's, and some brown yarn at Michael's. I can post the full instructions if anyone is interested, but I basically sewed the yarn to the cap, and made a cute little wig. I love that it looks a little more "cartoony" than a normal wig would, and it cost about $5. This would work well for any character that needs lots of hair! You could even style the yarn when you were finished! Nice!

I'm going to add one more layer of hair underneath this one main one- hopefully it will make it stick out a little more.


  1. I LOVE it! Way to go.. If only Ms. Hannigan were so easy, still not sure what I'm doing. I am bummed that I had to buy a red curly wig for the Annie costume even though Kyleigh has the perfect blonde curly hair for hte part.

  2. The little princess is going to be Rapunzel! this Idea would work great!


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