Tuesday, August 10

My most ambitious braid to date...

So I'm not a braider- I feel like my braids are not really nice and neat, and I usually don't attempt more than simple braids or small french braids. That all changed when I saw this hairdo a while ago while watching Ugly Betty.

See how super cute that is?? How could I not attempt to duplicate it? 

Anyway, I started out doing a dutch braid (aka inside out french braid) and I really was sad to see that it didn't look as great as the original one, but I thought it turned out really fun anyway. Emma loved it, which is nice to see- she doesn't love much about hairstyles anymore. (Sad!) 

So, here's photos of our do! My changes would be 1. do an original french braid, 2. Space the braids better- mine didn't look as great because of that I thought. 3. Start the top a little further back so I could add the cute headband. One trick was that you only add hair from one side of the braid, and it's a little tricky at the turns to keep straight what side you're adding hair from. :) 


  1. Looks great!!! I don't know what you're talking about - I love it! I wouldn't change a thing :D

  2. That turned out really cute!

  3. Very nice !!1
    the more braids you do the better they get!!
    My sister is a natural born braider and I have braid envy for sure!!

  4. Thats very pretty, I think you did a great job!


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