Monday, July 5

Side Pony and a Braid...

Maia was watching Dora yesterday before church, which is now my new secret weapon for hair fixing time. (She's recently OBSESSED with Dora...) Anyway, that gave me some time to do a little more fancy of a do on her.

1. French braid (or you could even just simple braid) the front section.

2. Start at the opposite side and rubberband small sections, adding the previous hair to each new band.

3. At the final rubberband, add the braided section.

4. Leave this as a ponytail, or make a cute little messy bun.


  1. love it!!
    great for the summer! simple and beautiful

  2. Rachel, too funny, love the hair, but I had to comment and say that my girls have that same dress! They love it! Good taste my friend!


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