Sunday, July 4

Our Family Peggies...

I've seen these cute little peg dolls around the internet, always loving them, but hating the price tag. (Custom ones go for upwards of $60 for a family of 4!) So, I happened to notice the little pegs in the wood section at JoAnn's for about $8 for 6 pegs. That's much more my budget, plus I got to put them all in outfits that we'd wear!

I made them for Maia. She loves them already- lining them up and having them talk to each other. A new take on the saying "A family that plays together..."

Are you interested in purchasing a family set of peggies? See my shop here. Kids Room Creations


  1. Those are adorable!! Nice job :)

  2. Love how the dad has facial hair, adorable!


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