Sunday, June 13

Tied Up Piggie Buns...

My camera died right at the beginning of this hairdo. Luckily, I had my trusty phone there to take pictures, but unfortunately the pictures kind of stink. :)

I really didn't know where this one was going when I started. I actually had a completely different idea, but sometimes I have the best results when I just do- not plan.

First, I sectioned a part from ear to ear, as if I were doing a half, then tie that up out of the way. Next, half the back, and rubber band into 4 sections on each half.

This part looks tricky, but it's pretty easy- starting from the bottom, tie the first (bottom) right section to the second left section, and repeat for the opposite side. Continue this process (Think of threading a shoelace- they make little x's between the sections)

I ended these with two pigtails high on the head. Now, with the front section, tie 3 knots, using a rubber band to hold them in place. To tie these off, I pulled them to the opposite pigtail (and the center one I split in two)

Finally I curled the ends a little loose, and added some little flowers to the top to hide the rubber bands. 

Nice! My sister emailed me this photo of the back- too bad I can't have a professional photographer around all of the time when I'm fixing hair! :)


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