Thursday, June 24

Finger Tails!

So Maia LOVES having her finger nails painted. She actually calls them finger tails- no matter how much I try to correct her.

Anyway, there's a fun little company called "Glitter Toes" (I think that's what it is) I'm not sure what it is that they put on your toes, but it ends up looking super glittery and really cute. So, when there's no one to glitter my toes, I have to come up with it on my own. (Although I'm sure I'm not the first to figure this out- I've got a bad habit of thinking of GREAT ideas, only to find out they've been around for years already.) :)

So, start out with your supplies-

10 little Finger Tails
1 bottle of fine glitter (I really like Martha Stewart glitter- about $5 for a pack of 3 at Walmart)
1 bottle of coordinating nail color
1 bottle of clear

1. Start with a layer of the colored nail polish

2. Add some glitter before it dries

3. Brush off some of the glitter

4. Clear coat your nails

Now, just a little disclaimer, don't do this on little ones who bite their nails. I'm sure glitter is not good for them. Also, it doesn't last a really long time, so I'll do it before church or something, so I know it'll look good for those few hours that it matters.


P.S. Wanna see my new project? A kitchen redo! I (yes, me personally all by myself) am re-staining all of my kitchen cabinets this nice dark color instead of the old orange. Yippee! (Sorry if this might cut into some hair time.)


  1. They used to make extra glitter nail polish when I was in junior high. Do they not make this anymore? You idea is cool though, especially if you already have all those things on hand.

  2. Julie, I haven't really hunted around for extra glittery nail polish. I'm sure it's out there. See what I mean about my ideas? :)

  3. I love her sparkly finger tails, lol. Good luck with the kitchen redo. I redid ours myself too, and it was a big job, but so worth it in the end.

  4. Haha! I love it! I have done this too!


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