Saturday, June 5

Busy Bee...

It's been a busy week. The end of school for Emma, lots of work for me, and of course that means little time for cute hairdos. BUT, this is a super cute tutorial that I found from a website called WhippyCake. A friend of mine sent me her site because she has super stinkin' cute headbands. Check them out for sure. As an added bonus, she's got a few cute hair tutorials (mostly for adults, but they can be adapted as always.)

 I was going to redo the video with Emma, but I didn't get a chance, and thought her's was great anyway, so why take the time to redo it. So here's some final shots of Emma's hair! Click here for her video.

*A little side note- she used a nice lacy ribbon for her hair, but with Emma, I used some of the elastic lace that are used for baby headbands. Nice and cheap, and really durable so if you do get a 1yard piece, it will last for a while.



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