Friday, May 28

A blue Friday...

My husband is a teacher. He's not like a lot of teachers. He's the cool teacher that every kid wishes he had in school. He's the teacher that all of the kids will remember for the rest of their lives. He's the teacher that cuts his hair into a mohawk and dyes it his team color every year for Field Day. He's THAT teacher. :)

Every year I have tried a different extreme dye- never getting quite the color that I want, even though my husband has light blond hair. They are usually really light colors or they wash out completely. This year was different though. I found a great temporary color that is a spray. Kind of like the little halloween ones, but the extreme version. I bought it at Sally's, for about $4, and I couldn't be happier. And just for fun, I used it on Emma as well today- just to add a little touch of punk to her day. 

I'm going back to get some more girly colors- they had everything- reds, purples, pinks, oh the possibilities! 

(Have I told you my love of extreme hair colors? If I weren't so chicken, I'd have all sorts of streaks in my hair. Someday.)

Update: apparently, sending your kid to school with blue hair is against the rules. Luckily, Em's teacher called me first and let me know. Hopefully her improvised curly ribbons will hide the blue enough from the administration! So don't do this on a school day. :) 


  1. I love it!!! My husband has a mohawk right now too! But he cut his when we went skydiving and has become quite attached to it:) Your hubby's hair looks like Chuck Ladell's. If you know who that is. He's a UFC fighter!

  2. I Was just telling him that all he needed was a tattoo on the side of his head to be like Chuck! (I've actually met him before at one of the fights!) I'm a fan of Mohawks on the men who can pull them off, so good job to your DH! :)

  3. Love it. It is really fun in you girl's hair too. Good on the teacher for adding the curly ribbons.

  4. I love your dh, what a fun teacher! I really like the streaks in Emma's hair too. Sorry the school didn't approve.


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