Friday, April 9

Flower Hair Pins...

So there are some super cute hair pins out there, but I thought I'd show you how I make mine. A couple of tips-

1. For flowers on bobby pins, go with smaller and/or flowers with only a couple layers. They have some great spring time blossoms at the craft stores, so just go look around. Also, grab something for the center- cute jewels, or scrapbooking brads work well (remove the little prongs)

2. When you glue, make sure that the flat side of the bobby pin is on the bottom (where your head will be.) It's not comfortable to have the pointed side stabbing your head. (I've done it, unfortunately.) :)

3. Pins work the best on updos or braids- I don't use them on down dos or they fall out too easily (maybe that's just my girls.)

4. This is what you'll need- glue gun, jewel, bobby pin, and flower

OKAY, now on to the video!! :)

*Does this cut off part of the video for you? Not sure what's going on...


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