Monday, April 12

Fabric headband

So I came up with this idea this morning- I just cut a strip of fabric
from some left over projects, rolled it up and then twisted it. It is
actually just safety pinned together at the base of my head. (covered
by my messy bun.) Elastic headbands never stay on my head, but this
one hasn't budged all day long.


  1. I am SO making that! Thanks, Rachel!

  2. That is so cute and simple! My cousins make something like that, I think, and sell it on their blog:
    I'm thinking they have them held together with a small piece of elastic at the bottom. Does that make sense?

  3. so cute........... but i dunno if i just have an oddly shaped head but they NEVER STAY :(

  4. sooo cute... but i dont know if i jsut have an oddly shaped head but they NEVER stay on me :(


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