Tuesday, March 9

We have a Winner!

So let me just tell you- today has been a day and a half! We cleaned out the toy room, did about 10 loads of laundry (they are still waiting to be folded and put away though) had our cousin over to play all day, and played in the snow/hail (yes, in Las Vegas- it lasted about 10 minutes.)

To top it all off, Emma decided that she'd like to try sleeping in her own room tonight. She and Michael have shared a room their whole lives, so it's a big deal. Plus, it's downstairs when all the rest of us are upstairs, so that makes it a double big deal! I'm not sure if I would have been that brave at 6. :)

Anyway, the drawing! Yehoo! Congrats to lucky number 33! Email me and we'll talk about the design of your bow holder. :)

Also, For any of you who are interested, I had a couple of emails asking about buying one and what the cost would be. I have the letters on my website, Kids Room Creations- so if you let me know, I'd be happy to make any letter (I'd suggest at least the 8") into a bow holder with the extra ribbon for free. Plus, use the code 'Redpunzel' for free shipping!


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