Friday, March 5

My time...

So my time lately has been spent doing a big refinishing project for my sister. It was a first time attempt at recovering a big chair. I did a set of dining room chairs, which was fun and easy and fast, so I was a little blown away with this project at first realizing how much deconstruction was needed to redo the couch. I had it down to a bare-wood frame near the end!

So here was the starting couch: (See, UGLY! The wood was a medium color, and I'd hope at one time, the florals were a bit brighter.)

The kids "helping:"


I love it. I think I'm going to steal it back from her someday. :)

I'm sharing this so you can look around your house (or craigslist!) and find a fun project. It did take about 2 full days (interrupted by school drop offs and pick ups, meals, and other general family care.)


  1. I LOVE it!!! It looks great!

  2. Wow! Huge transformation! I just bought fabric this week to attempt my first real re-upholstery project. I hope mine turns out as well as yours!


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