Sunday, February 21

Bounce-House Hair...

Abby's birthday party was super fun yesterday. We went to a place called MyGym, which is like a little play center filled with all sorts of gymnastics equipment. After that fun, we went back to my sisters house for more of a family-only party with a bounce house in their backyard. Knowing this in advance, I knew that if I did something with Emma's hair that was the tiniest bit loose, it would be all over the place by the end of the party.

SO, this is what I came up with. Simple rubber bands in the front half, and then I used this technique for that cute back section. Next time I'll have to spread out the pigtails a little further. No one really noticed this little bit in the back, and it was so cute!

*Just so you know, my lovely camera is already back at the factory getting fixed. So you guys get to deal with the pictures from my phone. :)

1 comment:

  1. I will definately have to try this one. The is GREAT for growing out bangs!!


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