Sunday, January 17


Can you tell that I have been preoccupied lately? The girls have been in ponytails, down hair, and simple braids the last few days because I have been too busy. Plus, Ruby has a cold and she is teething, and any of you who've had a baby doing either of these two things knows it's not pleasant, let alone both at the same time! Enough of the excuses, I guess.

This was a fun one this morning. I wanted something that looked nice and relaxed. It feels like a "wear-a-big-sweatshirt-and-snuggle-with-a-book" day. Too bad there's school and errands to run. :) Anyway, I started out with two small regular braids, pulled everything into a ponytail, and then used the topsy-tail upside down to get it to flip up like this. I didn't curl it or anything, and now that her hair is a little shorter, it looks really cute just left alone.

Hope you like it!

Oh, also, check out what I figured out how to make last night. Cute little felt covered hair clips! :) More to come!

1 comment:

  1. Oh so cute! The hairdo is awesome. I just love the clips! Have you figured out if you are going to do a craft and hair blog or just leave it like it is?


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