Saturday, January 2

Toddler Piggies

This one I did a while ago with Maia, and I wasn't going to post it because the pictures weren't great, but I thought I would anyway because it is very cute, and very easy. You do use a topsy tail for it (or if you are one of the talented who can do pull-throughs without one, you don't need one.)

You can see that it is one pull through on the top section of the hair (you can do more than this, I just thought I'd keep it simple) and then the pigtails are flipped upside down (so pull from the bottom going up with the topsy tail) Once that is done, give each piggie a good curl and you're done. I loved how this looks a little cute and spunky- and it stayed in all day.

Speaking of piggies, Ruby finally has enough hair (on the sides anyway) to do cute little piggies! Of course she made it really difficult to get a good photo. :)

Check out that bald spot! :)


  1. Does your new camera have video and sound recording??? Just wondering!

  2. Sweet! I totally asked for this in the giveaway..... and POOF! Here it is!


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