Saturday, December 5

Inspiration: Heidi Klum from Project Runway

Heidi Klum always seems to have great hair on Project Runway- I guess a team of stylists will do that to ya. Anyway, I've loved this do for a while, and I know this isn't the exact way it is done, but this is my take. (It looks like hers is pinned in spots, and I just pulled mine all the way back.) So here's a shot that I found that is close to what I was going for:

And here's my do:

All I did was pull the back into a little ponytail (as you can see, I didn't take my time making a nice part or anything) Take the front and twist a small sections back. I used a small clip to hold them in place just so I wouldn't end up with 20 little rubber-bands in my hair. Once they were all somewhat in place, I pulled all of my hair back, removed the clips and put in a hair-tie. Make a little messy bun and you're finished! Super fast- maybe about 5 minutes- 10 if you take breaks to wax your eyebrows. :)

*Michael got the camera and was shooting random pictures, and he got this one that is actually pretty cute- plus it shows the hair really well. Just thought I would add it...


  1. Cute hair! You have such great ideas. Love them all

  2. adorable! and I love the last picture!


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