Thursday, December 31

Inspiration: Chelsea Handler

I don't watch this show much- on purpose anyway- but I get sucked in every so often when I'm channel surfing. The other night she had a really cute do that made it look like she had much shorter hair than usual, so of course I found some pictures and decided to try it. :)

So here's the inspiration:

And here's my super lovely in focus* pictures:

1. Start with two low ponytails- I would have actually done them lower if I redid it...

2. Section the front out and twist back- if you have bangs, pull a few pieces out so you can curl them. If you don't have bangs, still pull out some sections and you can pin them up so they look shorter.

3. Tie the twists back in the center of your ponytails. (this will also help it look like one big blob of hair instead of three (or two) sections.)

4. Now just twist up smaller sections of the ponytails and pin with bobbypins. Make sure to place some down close to your neck so it helps with the shorter hair look. At this point, I used my curling iron to make the small front sections waved. (Do a wave, not a's my tutorial.)

Of course I didn't get a front picture, but you get the idea. It was actually really cute and casual, but still a touch of fancy. I would change a couple things next time though- I would quickly curl the ends of the ponytails so the ends weren't so fuzzy, and I would place them a bit lower on my head.

Have a happy new year!

**This is also a farewell post to my terrible camera. I got my new one for Christmas, but it was still out in the car when I was doing this hair.


  1. Looks much better on you than on her, imo... LOL. I really like that one, have to give it a shot soon. Congratulations on the new camera! :D

  2. VERY cute!!!! Her round table is great. I LOVE this show!

  3. Very pretty hair! I need to be more creative with my hair. Btw, the shirt you are wearing in these pics looks so cute!!


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