Tuesday, December 1

A Fun Funky Do...

I wasn't quite sure how this one would turn out from the idea I had in my head, but I like it. Super simple, and quick. I should have used a bit more hairspray at the beginning with the braid- it looks a bit too fuzzy for my liking. :)

Two ponytails pulled through upside down, and then curled with the flat iron. I took just the last bit of hair, twisted it and pinned it up near the ponytail to make the little poof. I left the ends kind of lose and free, but you could secure them really well if you would rather.


  1. That one is adorable! I don't have a flat iron yet, I wonder how it would look with non-curled ends... I may try it this week, have to figure out which princess to experiment on... lol.
    (BTW, what kind of flat iron do you use?)

  2. I bet it would be cute with messy bins, too if you don't curl the ends.

  3. sorry, I meant buns...not bins...lol

  4. Christy, I have a CHI, but I have used all sorts of them. The only thing I would watch for is to make sure it has somewhat of a curved edge instead of some having a pretty flat angled edge, which makes curling really difficult. I'm sure that they would look really cute with uncurled ends as well, Emma's hair is just a little stringy right now for me. :)

    FindingMe, that's a good idea with messy buns. The upside down pull through really would add some good form to them as well, which would be nice.

    Thanks for the comments! I love it when I know people are actually reading. :)


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