Thursday, December 17

Fabric Clips Tutorial

As promised, here's a cute little slideshow tutorial on how to make the fabric covered snap clips. Super easy, but they do take some time- a good project for late-night TV watching! Also as requested, if you're not so crafty or you'd like to just buy a few and save your time, click the button below. It will take you to a PayPal checkout. A set of two clips for only $5. (about $1 shipping) Nice! Any questions? Just email! (rachel at kidsroomcreations dot com)

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  1. awesome! You got that up super fast! Thanks a bunch.

  2. Julia, I had to make a few to match a couple of the shirts I had made, so I thought I would just post it now. Every once in a while I'm good at doing things really quick and not procrastinating it. :) You can see in one of those shots that Ruby was trying to "help." She's scooting around pretty good now, so I had to keep moving all of the materials and especially my shiny scissors that she loves so much. Hope it's helpful!

  3. How cool are those! And it looks easy enough that I could do it. I really like how it matched the shirts you made. Thank you.


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