Tuesday, November 10

Cute Hair...Crappy Camera

So I was complaining to Emma about my camera today, and she so nicely offered to go to the store and buy me a new one. Not sure where she'll get the money, but it was a nice offer. :) Hopefully Santa will listen to my want list a little early this year...

Anyway, This is a very cute hairstyle, but thanks to the camera that has been tossed around by three toddlers, the pictures are terrible. I sectioned three pieces in the front, and then did two twist braids into a ponytail. Once that is done, I did two more twist braids (video coming soon) in the ponytail, and then twisted them around and pinned them into the cute little bun. (Whenever we do buns like this, we get a ton of comments asking how it's done- it must be the way the hair weaves in and out or something.)

1 comment:

  1. ADORABLE!!! Will try 2morrow on my eldest girl for school! Thanks for the idea!!!


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