Wednesday, November 18

Mayday, Mayday-

So we're having a bit of hair trouble the last couple of days- Emma's hair has STATIC like nothing I've ever seen! I've tried conditioner, friz-ease, and Infusium 23, all of which last about 5 minutes, then her hair is stuck to her neck again with static. I'm so worried about her pictures from yesterday with her hair all static-y. Today the only thing I could do with it was braids! (I know they're still cute, but I had big plans for today) :)

Anyway, I need some help! What do you use to prevent static? I'm guessing it's the dryer winter weather, but I don't know what to do to help it. (How much dryer could winter be than summer here in Las Vegas???) Comments would be very helpful! Have a good Wednesday!

*If you click on the image of yesterday's post, you can see her hair floating around her head with static...crazy! :)


  1. Hey, here's what we do, because my gals have the same problem, and myself. The static is from dryness, so I spray some good ole cheap Infusium leave in conditioner/treatment on their hair, usually when it's wet after a bath, and when I'm combing it out. You could do it when dry I 'spose, but I've never tried. I really really love that stuff! Love your stuff!

  2. Spray Static Guard on the comb/brush before you run it through her hair, or wipe her hair with a dryer sheet. Those 2 things have worked for me.

  3. We use the dryer sheet technique as well and it has always worked for us! I have never tried the Spray Static Guard on the hairbrush before but I love that idea as well, seems like it would cover all the hair that way! Good luck!


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