Wednesday, October 28

A mobile blog!

The dos today were super fast- really about 5 min on Emma and 5 on
Maia (and maias took longer because I had to hold Ruby!)

Emmas started as a simple ponytail, then I used my little topsy-tail
(isn't that what they were called?) and pulled the hair up through the
top. I haven't done this before, but it turned out super cute.


  1. This may sound silly but this is one of my all time personal favorites! It is so elegant and simple. I had to stop doing this on my DD a while back because her hair is SO thick it's hard to get it to pull through all in one. But I like to do it on myself;)

  2. Oooh, I'd really want to do that on me, but I'm afraid my hair is too long for that. Really beautiful. Elegant but still girly. Love it!

  3. I want to find a topsy-tail do they still make htem? I was usuing crochet hooks to help pull through for the smaller ones on the girls.


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