Saturday, September 12

Cabin Do

So I'm late posting this one, but at least it will be posted. :)

Over the holiday weekend we went to my family's cabin in Utah. One of Emma's favorite thing about the cabin is that she doesn't have to have her hair fixed all of the time. I will usually do something that will last a few days, and will hold up to water, hiking, dirt, etc. Here's what we did for this break. (It lasted all 3 days) I am terrible at french braids (well, I just can't do the nice tight ones) so these types of faux-french braids work really well for me.

Maia had the same do, but without the braids. (If you click on the image of the back of her head, you can see a little fly- that fly was on Maia so much that morning, and she has recently become deathly afraid of bugs...anytime she would see it or feel it, she would squeal a bit...a little funny to watch.) :)

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