Saturday, November 21

So I know most people don't love doing hair, and wouldn't pick it as something fun to do on a Saturday morning...but I guess I'm not most people. :)

I had my neices over again this weekend, and this time I worked with Savannah. A few weeks ago for her birthday she got a killer dye job. I LOVE it, but of course I am too chicken to ever do anything as fun. Anyway, I had this idea in my head for a while, I saw it in The Princess Diaries (#2 I think), and her hair was perfect to try it on. This would be perfect for an evening out, or a super formal wedding do- all ages here!

I didn't do step-by-step photos, but it started as a simple low ponytail with the back section of the hair, then I twisted back the front sections and pulled them into the ponytail. Then I did two braids from the middle section of the ponytail. Once I did that, I pulled the hair up into a bun by rolling it forward on itself, and pinning it into place. (Video tutorial coming soon!) Then I took the simple braids, wrapped them around the top of the bun, and pinned them. The elastics were at the top of the bun, which next time I would have changed, but this time, I just added the little flower bow that I had made.

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